Our Reputation, History & Diversity

Our Reputation

Powell Spencer and Partner Solicitors is regarded as one of the most reputable and successful law firms in London. We advise on high profile to straightforward cases and have a varied client base, acting on behalf of individuals as diverse as leading political figures, the family of a detainee in Guantanamo Bay, footballers, MPs and other clients who face life changing allegations, such as terrorism, fraud, murder, the breaking up of marriage, children being taken into care and clients who are made to deal with the devastating consequences of medical negligence and personal injury.

Justice is fundamental to any society. However, rights which include the right to a fair trial in which there is some balance between the resources available to the parties, are difficult to realise without an independent legal professional. Access to those lawyers who are dedicated and fearless in pursuing their cases must, for most people, be guaranteed by the state. The Legal Aid fund has been a proportionate and reasonable expenditure and has allowed many people to obtain representation. As a firm, our objective is to be at the forefront of that independent profession, utilising the capacity of the legal aid fund to achieve justice for our clients. Where legal aid not available or clients wish to instruct us privately, we offer competitive client rates.

Our hard work over the last 37 years has established our reputation as a firm, delivering excellent advice and representation in a great diversity of cases for many thousands of people. Our website contains many examples of our casework and the practical realisation of justice.

What we bring to all our cases is dedication, skill and quality.

Our History

Powell Spencer & Partners was founded in Kilburn, London in 1977, where we established ourselves as a community-orientated practice. Our commitment to justice for our clients has been our enduring passion. Some of our cases receive national and international media coverage and often take place out of sight in youth and family courts. What is important is that every case receives the best skill and attention that we can give.

Overwhelmingly, our work comes from word of mouth recommendations. Our practice has been built on our reputation for quality and care.

We look forward to a challenging future and remain determined to sustain our excellent client care with energy and commitment.

Our Diversity

Diversity is an integral part of who we are and how we operate at Powell Spencer & Partners. The city and surrounding areas of London have the enormous benefit of having a population as diverse in cultural heritage as anywhere else in the world. We are proud that Powell Spencer and Partners Solicitors reflect that heritage at all levels of our organisation.