Trade Union

Being charged with a criminal offence is a truly nerve-wracking experience. Unfortunately, an accusation can have long-lasting ramifications. This is especially true for employed individuals. Criminal allegations can easily lead to work suspension. In the worst case scenario, one can even be dismissed from his or her place of employment, regardless if the offence in question happened in the workplace or elsewhere. We won’t allow this to happen to you.

The Trade Union Department at Powell Spencer & Partners is a specialised department that deals with issues involving Trade Union Members. The department is spearheaded by Chris Humphreys, who is assisted by Liani Holland and Melkam Kelemwork.

The department deals with allegations concerning Criminal Law, offering legal advice and representation to trade unions and their members in London and the South East. Our solicitors are also the ones asked to represent trade union members who are investigated by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) and the Office of the Rail Regulator (ORR).

Expertise You Can Count On

Prior to joining Powell Spencer & Partners, Chris was a full-time Trade Union official. As the head of the Trade Union Department, Chris lends his knowledge and experience to each case presented.

Each member of our Trade Union team also has extensive experience in working with individuals, who face a wide variety of problems; everything from allegations of gross negligence manslaughter, to fraud, assault, involvement in inquests and serious allegations involving pilots and cabin crew . As such, clients have come to place their trust in the expertise of our solicitors—and our solicitors always strive to provide them with successful outcomes.

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Protect Your Rights

Seeking expert advice from an experienced solicitor is the first step toward a successful defence. You may set an appointment with a Powell Spencer & Partners solicitor by calling 020-7604-5600. In emergency situations, you may contact us by calling our 24-hour emergency number: 07659-118181.