Hidden Consequences of a Conviction

A client recently raised  the issue of  hidden consequences of a criminal conviction.   Her son aged 22, had  pleaded  guilty to possession  with  intent to supply.  He received a  2  year suspended sentence.

When  she came  to renew  her  home  insurance she discovered that this was a disclosable, material fact. Both her home and car insurance are now  incredibly  expensive, and she estimates that for  the 6 year  period it  will take before her son’s conviction  is  spent, the increased insurance costs will amount to about £8,000.

Coupled  this with recent changes  in  the budget  to apply  the national living wage from  the age of 25 and to remove housing benefit  from  young  people,  there is  every  incentive for parents  to  throw their children out and then  for those  children to   have to resort to crime  in  the very difficult circumstances  they then face.

A  lack of joined  up  thinking  in the  Ministry of  Justice relating to  the  rehabilitation of young offenders  and  appreciation for hidden   consequences.

Greg Powell



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