Divorce Solicitors in London Offer Tips in Handling One’s Divorce

A divorce can get quickly get out of hand if you go through it without any knowledge or plan— before you know it, you might end up losing not only your marriage, but also your assets. To make sure this does not happen, you have to come up with a strategy even before the papers are officially filed.

It also pays to be knowledgeable of the laws and tenets pertaining to a divorce; knowing the timeframe for filing a divorce is also essential. As in a recent news article, for example, a prominent millionaire is still battling a court financial settlement claim from his ex-wife even though they have been divorced for over a decade. That’s too much an unfinished business for you to still be dealing with after the finalisation of the divorce.

Supreme Court to hear landmark case on divorce settlement

Necessary Preparations

Before you start to legally pursue the case, family solicitors in London, such as those from the firm of Powell Spencer & Partners, suggest that it would be best if you and your soon-to-be-former spouse can draw the parameters and terms of the division of the shared properties. You can choose to either confer with your ex-spouse yourself, or hire a lawyer or mediator so that you’ll have all the agreements in writing; the latter is the more prudent choice, as this won’t leave you susceptible to possible manipulations in the agreement. Once the parameters have been set, then you can now start formalising your legal action.

Seeking Legal Assistance

As with matters concerning the law, going through a divorce would have you looking for experienced divorce solicitors in London who can help you with legal matters concerning the division of shared property and other assets. Firms specifically practicing in the area of family law are certainly well-versed with all such legal enquires you might have, and can duly assist in helping you understand and formulate a strategy from your case. These solicitors can advise whether the plan you intend to pursue is a sound one, or suggest other options to ensure that you won’t be swivelled out of your finances.

In essence, nobody wins in a divorce. This is why it becomes even more important to hire solicitors who will prioritise your interests, so that you won’t have to lose any more than you already are losing in this very personal and emotional process.

Source: UK’s Supreme Court to hear landmark case on divorce settlement, The Financial Times, December 7, 2014


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