Efficiency in the Criminal Justice System – a new first!

A new first!  We represent a Defendant at the PCMH on 9/4/15 at which time the case is placed in a warned list for 15/2/16.  We continue to prepare the case for trial, the client anxiously awaiting his trial.  Following the case not being listed during the first week of the warned period, we telephone the list office to ascertain whether it has rolled into this week or will be placed in a new warned list.  Imagine our surprise when the Court inform us that they received an email from the CPS on 9/10/15 informing the Court of their intention not to offer any evidence against our client.  This was not copied to the defence.  A mention hearing was listed on 12/10/15 with the defendant excused.  Defence solicitors were not informed of this hearing and the matter was concluded in the absence of both the defendant and his representatives!

So for the last three months we have worked unnecessarily preparing a case and the client has anxiously awaited a prosecution that had been dismissed in October 2015!  Unbelievable that no-one deemed it necessary to inform either the Defendant or his solicitors who are on record with both the Court and the Crown!



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