London Divorce Solicitors: End Home Violence Before It Ruins Your Kid

The family is said to be the foundation of the society, a place where children are supposedly nurtured to become functional members of the community. In a perfect world, children are raised by loving parents who serve as good role models. In reality, however, not all possess a picture of a happy family they can be proud of.

Domestic Violence- The Facts

When domestic violence reigns the household, the family’s life is ruled with dysfunction, which is detrimental not only to the couple, but to the children as well. This is why inasmuch as divorce is not an ideal route to take, it sometimes becomes the most practical solution to a failing marriage. For this, consulting London divorce solicitors can be the best way for the concerned parent to take out the child from such a volatile environment, especially if it involves an abusive home.

In the U.K., although the police receive frequent domestic assistance calls, only about 35% are actually reported. About 90% of these incidents are witnessed or heard by children, while in over 50% of recorded cases, they were the actual victims of the abuse. Expectedly, this has a tremendous impact on their health, the event being something so traumatic.

Effects may include anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness, shame, decrease in cognitive ability, ill temperament, and starvation for attention and approval. Worst, the vicious cycle may repeat as the children grow up to become exactly like their abusive parent, believing that violence is the tool to resolve conflict. Essentially, therefore, it becomes difficult for a child to emerge as a healthy, well-balanced individual when they grow up in such a volatile environment.

It’s inarguable that the dangers of domestic violence do not just extend to frequent attacks. The abusive parent’s power may absolutely corrupt him, leading to consequences that render medicines and psychiatry too late for rescue.

The cycle of violence does not have to continue on, however. Note that violence does not have to be physical alone—it may also be emotional or psychological in nature. Seeing the grave repercussions this can have on the children, it is best to seek legal options that will safely take them out of that environment. Seek immediate help from London family law firms like Powell Spencer & Partners for protection.

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