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Not all relationships work out and Divorce can be messy and painful. We offer professional advice which at PSP believe has the merit of being realistic, reasonably priced and delivered with a human touch.

Filing for a Divorce in London

For couples in the United Kingdom, you may only divorce if (1) your marriage is legally recognised in the country, (2) you have been married for a minimum of a year, and (3) you have a permanent residence in England or Wales. From here, a divorcing couple will then have to go through three main divorce steps; filing a divorce petition, applying for a decree nisi, and applying for a decree absolute.

Legal Grounds for Divorce

There are five basic facts upon which you can base your divorce in the United Kingdom namely adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, living apart for over two years, and living apart for over five years.

Adultery is when either the husband or the wife committed sexual intercourse with someone from the opposite sex, and the offended party won’t accept it.

Unreasonable behaviour includes violence (both physical and verbal), abuse of alcohol or any illegal substance, and refusal of either the husband or wife to pay for the necessary housekeeping fees.

Desertion occurs when a spouse leaves the marriage without the other spouse’s consent, for the purpose of ending the relationship, and hasn’t returned for more than two years.

You can file for a divorce if you’ve lived apart for over two years and both of you agree to the divorce. If you’ve lived apart for more than five years, you can file for a divorce even if your partner doesn’t agree to it.

Seeking Legal Advice

When a relationship becomes fraught, sorting out issues as diverse as how your children are to be taken care of, how property is to be divided, who will support who financially and for how long, are really difficult to resolve.

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