Mark Troman


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Telephone: 0207 604 5606

Mark Troman is a senior member of the crime team responsible for complex case work, higher court advocacy as well as a supervising and training solicitors.

Mark’s practice covers a broad range of criminal cases. He is regularly engaged in representing those accused of serious offences from complex frauds to murder or sophisticated drug dealing enterprises.  He regularly acts in multi-defendant cases concerning sophisticated organised crime groups focusing on money laundering as well as fraud or drug conspiracies.  These cases can last for many years and lead to thousands of pages of evidence.  Mark has gained valuable experience over many years  enabling him to effectively defend people who would otherwise feel overwhelmed by the process.  He is currently engaged in a money laundering prosecution that has taken 5 years to bring to trial.

Of those cases reported in the news Mark represented the head of a family cocaine dealing network accused of living a lavish lifestyle funded by supplying drugs to London’s elite. He was successful in defending someone jointly accused of a brutal kidnapping and murder as well as a man accused of attempted murder of a police officer. He has represented numerous people accused of organised football hooliganism leading to serious public disorder. Mark has acted for graffiti artists accused of conspiring to attack the rail network, in one case over £250,000 of damage was caused over 2 years.

For many years Mark has been expanding his road traffic practise and now leads the road traffic department at Powell Spencer & Partners. He has appeared in numerous trials and ‘special reasons’ hearings and has saved the driving licences of countless people, either through acquittal or persuasive mitigation. Road traffic law is a technical area with many pitfalls and Mark enjoys the challenges it presents to provide practical legal solutions for his clients.  Of note he successfully defended a taxi driver accused of causing death by dangerous driving in circumstances where, prior to the collision, the driver exceeded the speed limit by 20 mph while not wearing his glasses.

As a higher rights advocate appearing in the Crown Court on a regular basis Mark combines insightful tactical thinking with persuasive argument.  Recently he appeared for a defendant accused of supplying over 100kg of controlled drugs and laundering money in excess of £50,000.

Mark identifies himself as a lawyer committed to ensuring high quality and robust representation. He will always look to secure legal aid funding where possible but is frequently instructed on a private basis where legal aid is not available.

Mark is a police station supervisor and assists with the training of new police station representatives. He is passionate about effective defence and upholding the rights of suspects throughout the process. As a member of the LCCSA and Justice he keeps abreast of the politics that frequently affect a criminal lawyer’s work.