Sabrina Fitzgerald


Contact details

Telephone: 0207 604 5600

Sabrina is a duty solicitor with over ten years’ experience who is committed to fearlessly representing clients in both the police station and magistrates court.

Sabrina originally joined the firm in 2003 before completing the LPC and returning to the team as trainee solicitor and assistant to Greg Powell in 2004.

She immediately sought police station accreditation and was admitted to the roll of solicitors in 2006.

After running her own department for a number of years she took the decision to go freelance and now attends police stations and magistrates courts on behalf of the firm.

Notable recent cases she has been involved in are the suspect arrested and subsequently charged for the first case of FGM and the Buckingham palace trespasser.

She is committed to access to justice for all.

Outside of practising the law she is a charitable trustee for a regeneration area fund, a youth life coach and runs marathons.