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We aim to ensure that all clients are provided with clear information on costs from the outset. The first telephone call with a solicitor is not charged and from that discussion it is usually possible for us to describe what kind of work is required in your case and to provide an estimate. On some occasions it might be that two different options are being considered and therefore the cost of each would be explained.

Legal Aid or Private Instruction

At Powell Spencer & Partners we will always consider whether a prospective client is eligible for state funding for their case and advise accordingly. If you qualify, we will assist you to make the application if you wish. Legal aid is however rarely available for these types of cases and the majority of our clients are required to pay for their representation.

For more information please visit our Fees & Funding page here.

Fixed Fees or Hourly Rates?

Contrary to general belief a fixed fee is not always right for every client nor is it necessarily the most cost effective. Even if a fixed fee is offered a client can prefer to instruct us on an hourly rate basis.  As a general rule the longer or the more complex the case the more wary a client should be about entering into a fixed fee from the outset. 

Standard Fixed Fees and Guideline Prices

Prices below are exclusive to VAT.  

Case type 


Guilty plea and mitigation 

£500 fixed fee 

Plea of exceptional hardship  

£600 fixed fee 

Plea of special reasons 

£750 fixed fee 

Not guilty plea, trial 

Normal range: £900 – 1500 (according to our hourly rates) 

A fixed fee can be requested after the first meeting but is dependant on the facts of each case.  


Hourly rates 

Head of department 

£170 per hour 


£120 per hour 


What these prices include: 

  • Considering the evidence
  • Meeting with you at the outset to discuss the case and take detailed instructions
  • Advising you on your plea, the procedure and likely sentence.
  • Assisting you to obtain and prepare any supporting evidence
  • Taking statements from witnesses
  • Preparation of legal documents 
  • Preparation for hearings
  • Travelling to and appearing at one court hearing within the Greater London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire area. The vast majority of cases will involve one court hearing but occasionally two are required. The cost of additional hearing depends on what is involved but typically an additional £200 would be charged.
  • Advising you on the merits of an appeal (but not the conduct of). 

What these prices do not include:

  • Professional disbursements and fees (such as the cost of an expert witness, the cost of a barrister if one is required or requested, GP surgery fees).
  • The conduct of any appeal.
  • Second court hearings
  • If your court case is taking place our side of Greater London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire the prices above may increase slightly, depending upon the distance.  


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