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At Powell Spencer and Partners, we understand how important a driving licence is to our clients. For many, it is essential to their livelihood; it connects them to elderly relatives or it allows them to take their children to school. Many people fear they simply cannot function without it.


Local Specialists

We have a specialist team, headed by Mark Troman, dedicated to providing advice on road traffic law. Our solicitors live in London and the south-east of England and have a good knowledge of the local road traffic conditions. As a firm, we are well established and respected within the criminal justice system; perfectly placed to influence proceedings in your favour.

Do you need our help?

The sheer number of motoring offences and the technical sentencing framework make it difficult for members of the public to understand their legal position and potential liabilities. We can provide clear and accurate advice to help you make the right decisions.

If you are at risk of incurring penalty points, reaching a 12-point ‘totting disqualification’ or even an immediate disqualification, we can help discuss ways of avoiding this; either by establishing innocence, negotiating with the prosecution or by persuading the sentencing court to show leniency.

Why us?

Other road traffic specialists charge eye-watering fees on the back of outlandish promises and a glossy image. We aim to be different and to always give clear and practical advice. If we do not think your circumstances require the cost of a lawyer we will tell you. If you instruct us to act on a private basis, we offer fixed fees, agreed up front. We keep our prices competitive, aiming to serve the working people of our community.

Most road traffic offences do not attract legal aid, but as a firm with a long tradition of providing legal advice to people of all backgrounds and circumstances, if you could qualify for legal aid, we will help you apply and represent you on those terms.

Types of service

— Defending people at trial accused of offences such as (non-definitive list):

  • Failing to nominate the driver of a vehicle suspected of an offence
  • Failing to stop at the scene of an accident
  • Careless and dangerous driving
  • Driving offences that lead to death
  • Drink driving offences (including drunk in charge, failing to provide a
    breath specimen)
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Driving without insurance or not according to a licence
  • Speeding
  • Perverting the course of Justice by returning a false name to a driver enquiry

— Mounting a ‘special reasons’ defence to avoid a disqualification or mandatory penalty points.  This type of service follows a guilty plea but in which the defence must prove there are mitigating facts which justify a lenient sentence.

— Arguing exception hardship for defendants facing a 12-point ‘totting’ disqualification. This involves calling evidence to show why the defendant should not be banned from driving

— Applications for removal of disqualification for those with bans of more than 2 years.

Fees & Funding

Below is a list of indicative fixed fee prices we offer for certain regular case types. We reserve the right to vary them if your case appears to differ significantly in any way:

1. Advice on the evidence and attendance at a sentence hearing to support a plea in mitigation after a guilty plea – £550.00 plus VAT

2. Preparation of an exception hardship argument and attendance at a sentence hearing – £650.00 plus VAT

3. Conduct of a trial for contested cases (including special reasons pleas), including all necessary preparation for the trial hearing – £1,200.00 plus VAT*


4. Statutory declarations to quash convictions in absence – £200.00 plus VAT on papers, £300.00 plus VAT if attending a hearing. 


* adjourned or vacated trials would incur additional charges, typically fixed at £250.00 – £500.00 plus VAT. The trial fixed fee is incurred when a case is listed for trial and applies to matters when the trial does not go ahead because, for example, the prosecution withdraw / collapse, or a client changes their mind. 


A first call for advice is always free of charge with no obligation. We are happy to discuss any questions you might have about our fees then. 


We request payments on account but are willing to accept instalments in the build up to the final hearing. You can discuss any such arrangements with the Solicitor who has conduct of your case. 

Help Yourself

You might find your situation does not justify instructing a lawyer and if so we will not try to convince you otherwise.

That’s why submitting the form below or simply calling 020 7604 5600 provides a quick and easy way of making the right decision at an early stage.

If you want to do your own research before you decide, why not look into some of the following useful resources:


Penalty Points and Disqualification System

Charged With Careless Driving Offences

For Road Traffic Offences Enquiries

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"You are a brilliant Solicitor"

Thank you Sinead for all your support. You are a brilliant Solicitor and we couldn’t have had better. Hopefully we won’t have to use your services again but you would be first choice. Thanks again from the family



"The best prepare case"

I know how hard you worked on my behalf and I really do appreciate it. I remember (defence counsel) commenting that this was the best prepared case he’d ever worked on. Thank you so so much for your professionalism, tenacity, effort and attention to detail. 



"You got the best result possible"

Mark, you helped make the best of a very unpleasant experience and I think given the situation you got the best result possible.



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