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Being accused of a sexual offence can be the most stressful and challenging time of a person’s life. It is of vital importance that those accused have specialist advice and support from the very outset, and throughout this process, to guide them through what can be an unfamiliar and intimidating experience, to protect their interests and ensure their legal rights are protected.


How We Can Help You

At Powell Spencer & Partners, our experienced and knowledgeable team of criminal defence solicitors can offer that essential representation, from the earliest stage at the police station, right through to trial in either the Magistrates Court or Crown Court. We put our clients at the very heart of our practice, to obtain the best possible outcome in their case.

At such a difficult time, it is essential that you or your family member have the right solicitor, someone who will fearlessly and expertly protect and defend you. Our criminal team can offer outstanding representation, based on a wealth of experience representing clients accused of all variety of sexual offences.

Our team can assist in matters including:


An accusation of rape has significant consequences on the life of an accused: the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, being added to the sexual offenders register, loss of employment etc. We recognise the potentially devastating impact such an accusation can have, and our criminal defence team will adopt a professional and discrete service, to ensure you receive the best possible representation.

In many cases, the issue in dispute is consent, and the case relies on the evidence of the complainant and the accused. However, in an increasingly digital world, crucial evidence can also be found in CCTV and phone data. There has been an increasing number of cases where the prosecution has failed to disclose all the relevant evidence. As part of your case, we will follow every avenue and be relentless in pursuing and examining all of the evidence, to ensure you receive a fair trial.

Sexual Assault

There are now a number of different ways that sexual offences can be charged by the prosecution, for example assault by penetration, assault by touching etc. additionally, there is specific legislation which addresses those deemed to have committed an offence in breach of trust, or against particularly vulnerable victims.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, Powell Spencer & Partners can offer expert criminal defence from the very beginning of your case, advising you on the law as it relates to you and supporting you through the investigation and trial process.

Child Sexual Offences

These cases are often the most sensitive in nature, often involving vulnerable complainants and complex family situations. Such cases require an experienced and steadying hand, who can provide advice and support to those accused, whilst also adopting a thorough and complete examination of the case, to ensure the best possible outcome. Our team of criminal defence solicitors will approach such cases with sensitivity and discretion, working with you to navigate such a difficult situation in a professional and confidential manner.

Historic Sexual Offences

One of the most challenging but prevalent areas of criminal defence involves cases of historic sexual abuse. Increasingly, these cases are being investigated and brought to court many years after the incident is alleged to have taken place. Further, the media interest in such cases can seem overwhelming.

Given the passage of time, often the only available evidence is that of the complainant. A defendant is then tasked with trying to recall and challenge events alleged to have occurred years or even decades ago. Memories may be clouded by time, confusion or other outside influences. These cases present a number of difficulties: for example complainants who were children but are now adults, a lack of any forensic or contemporaneous evidence, complex family issues, and charges involving now outdated legislation.

Having acted in numerous such cases, our criminal defence team are able to dissect and examine the evidence, taking you through it step by step, and guiding you in mounting a robust and complete defence.

Outraging Public Decency, Voyeurism and Possession

and Production Of Indecent Images

This specific area of law has seen a great increase in the number of cases, as a result in part a concerted effort to investigate and prosecute these offences, but also due to the increasing presence of the internet and social media. This has meant there are now new and increasing ways to investigate and prosecute such offences.

Mounting a defence to such allegations can often involve expert knowledge of technical matters, and examining large tranches of computer data in great detail. Over years of criminal practice, we have established sound working relationships with excellent expert witnesses, and will work together with them to ensure all aspects of your defence are explored and presented in the best way possible.

Sexual Risk Orders

The police may apply to the magistrates’ court for a sexual risk order. The consequence of this is that the respondent is prohibited from doing those acts listed in the order. These can include having contact with children, having unsupervised access to the internet, or any other prohibitive condition. If such an order is granted, the individual is also subject to the notification requirements of the sexual offenders register.

There is no requirement that a person be charged or convicted of an offence for the police to apply for such an order, and the police often apply for such orders where they have investigated an allegation of sexual offence, but have taken the decision not to charge. Our team of criminal defence solicitors have experience in opposing such applications, and will take you through the process of opposing the order, and represent you at the hearing.

  • Matters relating to the sexual offenders register, including breach of the notification requirements, and applications for removal
  • Matters relating to Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPO’s) and Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPO’s)


Legal aid is widely available for a range of criminal investigations and proceedings. We are able to advise, free of charge, whether you will qualify for legal aid. If you do not qualify for legal aid we can represent you on a reasonable private basis which can include a fixed fee arrangement.

For more information please visit our Fees & Funding page.

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"You are a brilliant Solicitor"

Thank you Sinead for all your support. You are a brilliant Solicitor and we couldn’t have had better. Hopefully we won’t have to use your services again but you would be first choice. Thanks again from the family



"The best prepare case"

I know how hard you worked on my behalf and I really do appreciate it. I remember (defence counsel) commenting that this was the best prepared case he’d ever worked on. Thank you so so much for your professionalism, tenacity, effort and attention to detail. 



"You got the best result possible"

Mark, you helped make the best of a very unpleasant experience and I think given the situation you got the best result possible.



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Sexual Offences


Saloud joined Powell Spencer & Partners in August 2012 after graduating from Brunel University obtaining a first class degree in Economics. Saloud became a Partner in 2018.
Saloud is a qualified Costs Lawyer and leads the firm’s internal costs drafting and costs litigation department, ranging from legal aid to private client.

In recent years Saloud has established a very successful client base and receives instructions ranging from Top 100 firms to Sole Practitioners. Saloud specialises in legal aid costs and provides a wealth of experience with preparing claim forms, drafting bill of costs, complex high cost case plans, points of dispute and replies and advising on general billing procedures.

Saloud is a member of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL).

Saloud was appointed to the Legal Aid Agency's Review Panel as an Independent Costs Assessor in August 2021.

Professional Testimonials

Saloud is our cost draftsman and he has made a massive difference to the efficiency of this practice and my day to day working life! He has extensive knowledge of criminal legal aid billing and has been able to guide and advise all our staff in this area. He is easy to approach and friendly as well as incredibly efficient and hardworking. He provides an excellent level of service to our firm. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


Shila Kesvari, Partner Of Edward Fail, Bradshaw & Waterson

Saloud Zaman receives my instructions in respect of preparing my criminal and prison law bills which are submitted to the Legal Aid Agency for assessment and payment. I would describe Saloud as having an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules and guidance in respect of billing files correctly in accordance with the provisions as set out under the Legal Aid contract. Saloud's approach has always been professional yet approachable as he always provides solid and clear advice as and when required. Saloud is also exceptionally hardworking and very diligent. He provides a professional service throughout and comes highly recommended.


Semin Taner, Associate Of Russell-Cooke Solicitors

I have no hesitation in recommending your services and am grateful for your knowledge, diligence and thoroughness in costing my files.


Simon Grove, Partner Of JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors

I have instructed you to provide cost drafting services for my firm for over 18 months. Almost all the files I have sent you have been legally aided care cases. I have allowed you access to my firm's CCMS account to enable you to prepare and submit bills. I have been satisfied with the work you have done and continue to instruct you. I am a partner in my firm and have been a solicitor for over thirty years.


— Maurice Guyer, Partner Of Vickers & Co Solicitors

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