15 August 2023 – Not guilty in the Magistrates Court

The vast majority of cases in the criminal justice system are dealt with in the Magistrates Court because the Crown Court has the most serious cases it inevitably attracts most of the attention but Magistrates Court cases also change peoples lives. We are delighted to report the acquittal of our client in relation to an allegation of coercive and controlling behavior at the Willesden Magistrates Court. Thanks go to counsel Thomas Beardsworth from Three Raymond Buildings instructed by Sean O’Brien of Powell Spencer and Partners.

July Success!

At Harrow Crown Court, our client was found not guilty of a conspiracy to import firearms. Great work by the ever excellent Minka Braun counsel from Garden Court instructed by Sinead Zaman and Sean O’Brien.

Also at Harrow, the Crown after legal argument offered no evidence against our client charged with possessing cannabis with intent to supply. Terrific work by Karl Volz of Farringdon Chambers instructed by Greg Powell and Fatine Chediak.

At St Albans Crown Court another good result, the Crown offering no evidence in relation to a theft. The same client was also at court for a committal for sentence in relation to a separate theft for which he received a fine. Very good work by Alex Dunn of Farringdon Chambers instructed by Greg Powell.