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Helen comes with a breath of experience in child care and related family matters which she consolidates with 13 years of experience as a Solicitor.

She commenced her career as a nursery nurse and then went on to graduate in Social Work gaining experience in child care, mental health and managing the provision of emergency services, Child Protection, Social Work duty and Court Teams. She chaired Child Protection Case Conferences and child care and secure accommodation reviews. Helen was also a Children’s Guardian.

Since obtaining further academic and professional qualifications she has specialised in care proceedings whereby the State intervenes in family life representing parents, grandparents and extended family members as well as the child, she being a member of the Law Society Children Panel.

Helen also represents parents/grandparents in private law proceedings as well as cases involving the abduction of children, often abroad. Helen’s professional background is steeped in the myriad of issues surrounding children and families and she is a firm believer in the child’s place being within the family, where at all possible. 

She has a firm and realistic approach based on solid experience and will guide, support and assist you to the conclusion of proceedings and often beyond.

Helen undertakes her own advocacy whenever possible.